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Peter Luscuere

Prof. Peter Luscuere MSc

Peter Luscuere is Professor at Delft University of Technology and visiting Professor to Tianjin University in China. The research of his Building Physics & Systems group is focused on: Climate design, Sustainability, Circular Economy and Exergy. As director at Royal Haskoning he was responsible for the company’s work in Health Care as well as developing a companywide Cradle to Cradle inspired program on sustainability. In 2010, he established an independent consulting business Inspired Ambitions, while continuing his academic work. He developed a holistic approach ‘Beyond Sustainability’ in which renewability for all basic natural resources: Energy, Water, Air, Top Soil and Materials is investigated and confronted with consequences on: Ecology, Economy and Equity. During 2016 he has been chairing the Transition Pathway Circular Economy within the Roadmap Next Economy, a project with Jeremy Rifkin for the Metropolitan Region Rotterdam The Hague. As of end 2017 he is involved in Beyond Sustainability BV, a company specifically aimed at improving effective over efficient use of our natural resources.