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Wart Luscuere

Wart Luscuere has been involved, in multiple projects, concerning sustainability, C2C® and Circular Economy issues. As a technology researcher and consultant, he is actively involved within Inspired Ambitions since 2011, with sustainability projects in Europe and China. After some years of study at The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Wart became member of the team who built up ‘The Ocean Cleanup’ Foundation. After the initial set-up he became active as a field researcher within this volunteer’s organisation. In this function he co-developed new research instruments. He also supervised ocean expeditions and experiments on, amongst other places, the Azores, where the first full-scale research and experiments were conducted. In 2016 he was secretary of the working group Circular Economy for the Metropolitan Region Rotterdam-The Hague (MRDH) to identify a feasible transition pathway together with Jeremy Rifkin and his team in the project called: ‘Roadmap Next Economy’. Until early 2017 he was involved as consultant towards the ReGenVillages project.